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Client Success Spotlight: NewCura Demonstrates Rapid Response and Expertise in Endoscopy Solutions

In the world of healthcare technology, every minute counts, and when software issues arise, finding a quick and effective solution is critical for patient care and operational efficiency. NewCura recently had the privilege of showcasing its commitment to service excellence during a time-sensitive challenge faced by one of its valued clients.

Earlier this year, a routine system adjustment unexpectedly led to an issue for a healthcare provider in Southern California. The provider, who utilizes NewCura’s suite of endoscopic solutions, experienced a glitch after adjusting their modality worklist source. This resulted in the assignment of identical, non-unique accession numbers to approximately 180 exams conducted over a two-hour period, potentially affecting patient care and data integrity across multiple facilities.

The issue was quickly identified at the modality worklist layer and promptly addressed by the client’s team. Following the issue identification, the healthcare provider reached out to NewCura’s support staff for additional assistance in remedying the impact on the exams. NewCura representatives were swift to respond, and, through a concise discussion, they collaborated with the client’s in-house team.

In an exemplary display of teamwork and professional acumen, the combined efforts led to the successful rectification of all affected exams in under one hour.

NewCura’s dedication to its clients and its mission to offer reliable software solutions such as EndoManager®, Report Writer, and ScopeCycle is evident in this prompt resolution. However, this isn’t just an isolated incident; it is a reflection of the ongoing commitment NewCura has made to its partners since its launch in 1999.

In a statement from the client, the appreciation for NewCura’s support team was clear. The client praised the swift actions taken and emphasized the positive difference that NewCura’s professional expertise and dedication make.

“Your professional expertise and dedication have always been clearly evident, and today’s prompt action has, yet again, only served to underline those qualities which set you apart from your (so-called) competitors,” noted the client in a testimonial. The NewCura representatives received kudos for their commendable efforts, highlighting the collaborative spirit and technical agility that are the hallmarks of NewCura’s service.

NewCura would like to express its heartfelt gratitude to the client for their ongoing partnership and for the opportunity to demonstrate its commitment to providing outstanding service and support. NewCura understands the importance of maintaining a dependable and responsive relationship with its clients, ensuring that operations continue smoothly and efficiently.

This incident serves as a testament to the robust support system in place at NewCura and the continuous effort to set industry benchmarks. The company looks forward to nurturing its client relationships and upholding the high standards of service that healthcare providers have come to expect.

For more information on how NewCura’s products and services can assist your endoscopic procedures and data management needs, please contact us.


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