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Introducing NewCura: Celebrating 25 years and continuing the legacy of Summit Imaging!

Migrate from EndoWorks®

We are proud to provide the industry’s most comprehensive and cost-effective replacement endoscopy software for Olympus EndoWorks®.

With the Olympus EndoWorks® end of life announcement, one of the largest endoscopy software providers steps off the image management playing field. NewCura is fully equipped with the best Endoworks® Replacement in EndoManager® Imaging. You will find unparalleled efficiency and accuracy with EndoManager® Imaging, our endoscopy report software, endowriter, and ScopeCycle® Scope Tracking, our comprehensive endoscope tracking software and scope reprocessing solution. EndoManager® Imaging is designed to integrate with any EMR/EHR or PACS system, utilizing industry-standard HL7, DICOM, and API interfaces. NewCura provides one of the best programs replacing EndoWorks® on the market, and GI systems replacing or looking to upgrade EndoWorks®.

Vendor Neutral

Interfaces with Fujifilm®, Olympus®, Pentax® endoPRO® software and any other camera system.

Multi-Device Support

Easily supports multiple video inputs from EUS, EBUS, SpyGlass®, Fluoroscopy, FEES and other modalities.

Seamless Scope Tracking

Exam and scope data are automatically sent to NewCura's ScopeCycle® for a customizable experience.

HD Image & Video

Capture full HD image and video without compromise.

One-Click Exam Start

Easy-to-use interface and one-click exam start that reduces staff workload.


Scalable from single procedure room environments to fully integrated image capture solutions for your entire enterprise.