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Introducing NewCura: Celebrating 25 years and continuing the legacy of Summit Imaging!

EndoManager® Report Writer

Formerly known as Endoprose, EndoManager® Report Writer is NewCura's cost-effective, endoscopy reporting software that offers the complete solution for your gastroenterology software reporting needs. It is GIQuIC certified, adheres to PQRS requirements, CMS reporting, Meaningful Use, and EHR incentives.

EndoManager® Report Writer Features

Cost-effective endoscopy report writing takes post procedure endowriter software to the next level.

EndoManager® Report Writing is simple and easy to use! Staff will feel comfortable using the product with little to no training. Tested in hundreds of environments and integrated with any EMR/EHR or PACS system.

E-signed Reports

Automatically interface reports to your EMR's patient record.

Template Based

Physician-specific templates can be customized to enable fast and precise documentation.

Primary Notification

Fax or email a copy of the report to the patient's primary care physician.


Incorporates point-and-click, free text, and voice dictation.

ICD10 & CPT Coding Engine

Minimizes time spent on the billing process by suggesting codes based on the physician’s findings and procedures.

Quality Metrics

Quickly review quality metric data such as cecum withdraw times, polyp detection rates, and callback reports.

Structured Reporting

Point-and-click menu trees allow for quick documentation while maintaining free text flexibility for physicians.

Auto ICD10 & CPT

Automatic suggested endoscopic diagnosis and CPT billing codes based on physician’s findings.

Physician Templates

Customizable physician-specific templates allow for quick and accurate report documentation.

Person sterilizing an endoscope.

ScopeCycle® Scope Tracking

Compliance paperless documentation of endoscope reprocessing and tracking.

End-to-end endoscope tracking software makes manual compliance documentation a thing of the past with step-by-step scope reprocessing workflows.

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